I help women entrepreneurs create a simple, uncomplicated path to scale quickly to multiple six figures and make their Bold Vision REAL.

Does that describe you and what you want?

Great! I’ll show you how. (And it’s much easier than you think).

Bold Business Growth doesn’t require sacrificing your health, or your family, or your fun and enjoyment in life. It just requires:

  • Clarity
  • Solid Mindset
  • Simple Strategy
  • Consistent Aligned Action

What this looks like for your life and your specific type of business is going to be different than anyone else. That’s why cookie-cutter programs and formulaic courses do not magically “fix” your business.

The Simplify to Multiply Method and Mindset cuts through all the “shoulds” and helps you see the clear, simple path to multiple six figures. Learn more here.

What is it that you want….

  • To feel financially empowered?
  • To feel accomplished and fulfilled?
  • To make a difference in the lives of A LOT more people?
  • To multiply your income this year?
  • To buy that house, pay off your debt, or travel more?

Your business is a fantastic opportunity for you to make these things real in your life. But only if you have a clear, simple plan for consistent growth.

Would you like to chat with me about how to make your Bold Vision REAL? If you are committed to taking your business to multiple six figures quickly, click the button below to join my free, online community.


Barbara Sheffield

I doubled my monthly sales in the second month of working with Joy!

Nathalie Antonio Giraud

“Working with Joy was exactly what I needed to multiply my income. I came to her to learn a simple way to reach multiple six figures. That was exactly what I got plus so much value from a mindset perspective. I’ve reached a new level of confidence & expertise!”

Jennifer Roig-Francoli

“Joy helped me simplify my business strategy so that I was able to double my monthly income with less effort and much more clarity!”

Patricia Cimino

“Since working with her, I’ve created a three-month workshop with ten clients, five new one-on-one clients and gained clarity on who I’m serving. All of this was a direct result of working with Joy!”

Christina Tarantola

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was saying YES to hiring Joy. She helped me simplify my business model and create an easy path to scale my coaching business. I recouped my investment within 2 weeks of hiring her!”

Lisa Clark

“In the first week of working with Joy, I saw changes in my business and the second month in, I landed a $12K project with a soulmate client!”

Stacy Raske-Martin

“I had my first $10K month and have created the foundations to continue that consistently!”

Andrea Wetherald

“After one year of work with Joy, I doubled my revenue and have the infrastructure in place to grow my business exponentially year over year.”

Varsha Mathur

“I made back my investment in coaching in just 3 weeks!”

Melanie Colusci

“Joy has helped me rediscover the joy and happiness that comes with running my own business!”

Li Connolly

“Joy helped me to stop thinking small. She challenged my assumptions about my business to push me to higher growth goals.”

Merilee Smith

“Working with Joy has been a life-changing experience. I have more clarity, focus and energy than I’ve ever had, my business is moving forward and I won’t look back!”

Carla Bevins

“I’m more and more authentically me in all of my interactions. It’s helping me and choose with a clear head and open heart which new adventures I choose to take on without overwhelm.”

Traci Blasko

“It was a huge step out of my comfort zone to actually pay for coaching. But within a few short weeks, I learned so much about my own limiting beliefs, of which I thought I had none. I am already noticing substantial improvement.”
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