Have you experienced this scenario….You have a great conversation with a potential client….they are excited about meeting with you. They eagerly share their big dreams and what they are struggling with. You share about how you can help them get what they want. You are so excited about serving them.
And then they say……”But first I need to do x, y, z”.
or “I’m going to implement what I have in front of me first”
Wait…..they just shared that they haven’t been able to achieve what they want and are struggling etc. etc. but they want to keep doing what they’ve been doing!?

This is a form of denial.

This is what our unconscious mind does when we are faced with the REALITY of making a shift out of our old programming.
Because we can get attached to our old programming and “the way things are”….even if it is not really getting us to where we want to be.
And it’s what we do in our business as well…….

We say:
……I’ll just keep moving forward with what I have
……I just need to be more focused
…..I have other commitments (husband’s business, a part time job, a community commitment, etc) so now is not a good time
…..I have a course to finish or ideas to still implement on
Your mind comes up with B.S. excuses for why “the change what we really want” AKA that six or multi-six figure business can’t be yours.
It will find a “good reason” so you can feel good about the story you are telling yourself.

But then we stay in our same patterns of…



*playing it safe

*putting what we want last.

Want your potential clients to release the B.S. excuses so they can truly experience the transformation that they want????

Of course you do….that’s why it’s time to pull out the mirror.

Because everything you are seeing in your outer world is just a mirror of what’s going on in your inner world.

Yikes…it’s a little painful to hear. You might not be able to see it consciously yet….but it’s there.

In what part of your life and/or business are you tolerating just “so-so”?

What are the stories you are telling yourself about why you aren’t making a bold move to do something different to get the results you REALLY want?

This love-tap today is totally in service to you….

……because you CAN make your Bold Vision Real (that six or multi-six figure business) yes, even THIS YEAR.

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