Everyone wants to think more positively, right?

You don’t like how negative thinking feels. And you are self-aware enough to know when you are in that icky state. However, what we often do is try to force ourselves into more positive thinking before we are ready.

We say,

“I should be more grateful.”

“What’s the matter with me?”

“I need to just get my act together here.”

We try to BYPASS what we are actually feeling and FORCE positive thinking. And it doesn’t work.

Instead, try these Three Tips to move into more Authenticity, which can lead to more Positivity:

  1. Allow yourself to feel negative emotions.

Feelings have to run their course in your body in order to be released. Legitimate or not, those feelings just stay stuck in your body if they are not allowed to flow. Forced positivity keeps them stuck.

  1. Look a little deeper at the thoughts you keep thinking over and over.

Are those thoughts that you want to keep recycling in your head? They will become hard-wired beliefs over time. Be the guardian of your thoughts. Managing your internal world is way more important than worrying about whether you have a smile on your face all the time (I’ve been the master of faking that smile in years past!).

  1. Recognize that no one is happy and positive all the time.

Life is about contrasts. The only way you know what happy feels like is because you know what sad, upset, or discouraged feels like. Being in those unhappy states often is where you can find the most clarity. If you were always happy and positive, there would be no reason to grow or change. The ups and downs are all a normal part of our human experience and they are all okay.

Today, allow yourself to process emotions and be what you need to be. Don’t stay stuck too long in the negative spectrum, but you don’t have to fake it either.

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