You were so excited when you enrolled. You felt so clear that THIS was going to be the magic bullet that changed everything. You were initially in that honeymoon phase where you are “all in” on taking every action recommended.

But then you started feeling uneasy….🤔

“Whoa…..this is going to be really overwhelming to fully implement.”


“I’m not sure if what this person is telling me to do is actually going to work for me… business/audience/personality/style is “different”.


“I’m feeling behind/everyone else is getting this/this coach has great testimonials/what’s wrong with me……..etc.”


“When am I actually going to start making more money???!!!”

**Is this you?**

When this happens, you can start to really doubt yourself, and you can get into some blame about “wasting” money. And you wonder how you can trust yourself again.

You’ve been trying to put the puzzles pieces together for a few years now and it feels frustrating.

Let’s look at the puzzle analogy, and ask a clarifying question now…..

What does the picture on the box of your puzzle look like?

That picture on the box is – “What YOU ultimately want your business to look like”.

What happened is that you saw a few puzzle pieces (i.e. that coach or program) that “looked” like it belonged in your puzzle so you plopped down your credit card to see if you could make those pieces look like the picture on your box.

Those pieces “may” be pieces to your puzzle……and don’t worry, what you learned from that coach or program wasn’t wasted.

But there is one key problem here…… (and this is what most people miss).

It’s really hard to start in the middle of the puzzle.

The simplest, clearest path to building YOUR puzzle is to put together the border pieces (i.e. an aligned business structure with a few simple irresistible offers) FIRST.

Then all of the “middle” pieces (the ongoing marketing pieces of messaging, visibility strategies, your website copy, building referral partners, creating sales funnels, refining your brand, email list building strategies, etc) will be easy to fill in and make your picture complete.

So let’s circle back to what you’ve invested in before that didn’t give you the result that you want……

  • Forgive yourself if you feel like you made a mistake (you really didn’t, but you might not be able to see the big picture yet on this and it feels like a “loss”).
  • Return to your big vision and put your heart and soul back in that space because everything is leading you towards that.
  • Choose to trust yourself again (this won’t come naturally, so you’ll have to keep choosing this as you keep tapping back into your mission and purpose).
  • Create a simple, aligned structure for your business that is set up so you can start making more money now (and not five steps from now) and then you can build upon that easily.
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