Making money may not be the primary reason you went into business, but money is definitely necessary for you to grow your business and do the things you wish to do in the world. Every entrepreneur sometimes hits an income plateau. Whether you are in the first year and can’t seem to move up to 4 figure months consistently, or if you have an established business and you can’t reinvest in growth because revenue hasn’t increased, you need a strategy to move forward.

Usually what we try to do to increase our income is work harder. And harder. We sign up for every webinar and workshop and read every book that someone recommends.

But you still aren’t getting any further along.

Today’s strategies are all about looking inward first. Your results are not just about what you DO, but about what you THINK and BELIEVE.

**Mindset Strategy #1

Only check your bank account balance when you are in a good frame of mind. Say a small prayer of gratitude for whatever amount is in there.

**Mindset Strategy #2

Set a money goal for the month that is believable. Perhaps choose the number from the highest month total you had in the last 6 months. You don’t have to know HOW that money is going to come in, but allow yourself to focus and believe that it is possible because it’s happened before.

**Mindset Strategy #3

Feel positively towards those around you and those you see online who are successful in similar industries. When you have a negative thought about another entrepreneur’s success (comparing, judging, jealousy), you automatically send a message to your unconscious mind that says, “Nope, don’t send that to me”. Celebrate everyone’s successes so that you don’t block that possibility for you as well.

***Which one of these three strategies will you do this week?***

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