The needle movers that bring in a tidal wave of cash (A $10K, $15K or $20K month).

You might be doing things in the wrong order and not even know it

Such as:
– Creating a complicated sales funnels
– Focusing on growing a big email list
– Plugging away trying to figure out Facebook ads
– Struggling with getting your website updated
– Trying to be everywhere online all the time hoping to attract your next new clients

……all of those things are important down the road. But I see SO many women struggling with this stuff when they haven’t yet had their first $10K month (or can’t get back to a $10K month).

And here’s a big ‘ole PSA that you’re going to love……..

Once you’ve got the process for consistent $10K months under your belt (and yes it’s possible to get there very quickly with what you have in place right now)…….

Then you can **easily** hire out those website updates, Facebook ads, sales funnels, higher level lead generation strategies, etc. (Yipee!) 

You can stay in your zone of genius and do the things you love starting right now. 

But…’ve got to have that simple, uncomplicated path specifically for your business and know the Method to get there very quickly.

The REAL Needle-movers are actually very simple

1. Create/tweak a signature offer that brings very specific results and solves a compelling problem

2. Create magnetic messaging that mirrors that offer and easily draws in ideal clients

3. Have a sales process that is simple and repeatable.


In the Simplify to Multiply Quantum Leap program, you’ll know how to call in several new high-end clients and an influx of cash in just about 8 weeks by learning this simple process.

However, I only accept a few new clients at a time and the doors are open again for a short window for just a few more spots before the end of the month.

Not sure when I’ll be offering this again since I give my clients  amazing service and only work with a certain # at a time.

Want to be considered for one of the spots? Just email me at and I’ll get you all the details. 

P.S. Some of you are working with other coaches right now and even though you’re really interested in creating this simple path to $10K, $20K months and beyond…….you aren’t sure if it’s a good idea to double up or if it’s the right time for you to reach out to me.

Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t… really depends on your current coach’s focus and approach.

If the focus is different than 2x-3x income generation in the next 8 weeks and 2-3x income generation very quickly is what you want, then pop that emoji below or PM me.

It might be a now thing or a later thing….but let’s get clarity on what makes sense for you.

Email me at and I’ll get you all the details.

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