Self Care

At face value, this title sounds a little controversial….but hear me out for a moment (because there is GOLD here).

You own a business and want to quantum leap this year (in other words, cross the six figure mark or move to multi-six figures).

While making a quantum leap sounds exciting….in the background of your mind, your mind is associating it with “work long hours” and “exhaustion”.

But you want that goal….so you start hustling….throwing EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink at your big goals. But so far you are exhausted even though you are making traction. OR you have a big month and then the next month everything seems to tank.

All that head trash starts kicking up….it might be subtle…but it shows up as low-level anxiety, staying up too late scrolling through social media, being hard on yourself, being unfocused and easily distracted, and emotionally exhausted because of the above.

So to counterbalance all of that….you need a lot of self-care (i.e. lots of breaks, downtime, naps, Netflix binges, “getting out”, shopping, scheduling a trip etc). Of course you know what I’m going say here….none of these are “bad”….we should enjoy all that stuff.

But what if you had a business model and a daily routine that didn’t exhaust you or stress you out…..and you got to CHOOSE to take those nice breaks, naps, trips….. just because you wanted – to not because you HAD to?

What if your business created the consistent cash flow that you could treat yourself to what you wanted WHEN you wanted it…that nice dinner, that day at the spa, that dream trip?!

This is the brilliance of the Simplify to Multiply Method and Mindset…..this is what I’m teaching my clients and they are becoming Rockstars in implementing it every single day.

This methodology turns conventional wisdom on it’s head. It’s what enabled me to move from a $20K/year to multiple six figures in under 3 years …and YES with three teenagers (including my twins – one with learning disabilities and the other with significant special needs).

And during that time….my adrenals have gone from stressed out unhealthy levels to healthy normal levels (I have actual blood work that shows this!) Self-care is something I choose when I want not because I have no energy left for anything else.

Don’t get me wrong…I work hard and I’m “all in” on my million dollar business goal. But now my business fills my cup everyday rather than draining it. I have a clear simple structure that brings consistency and expansion without exhaustion.

What path will you choose to reach your six figure or multi-six figure goal…….

The exhausting path?

Or the simple, uncomplicated, energized path?

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