Pop Quiz

Which one is an easier path to $10K in just a few weeks???

1. Host a FB Live and have five people raving about your new high-end offer and booking on your calendar immediately.
2. Host a FB live, send out two long emails, post on IG 3x a day, spend hours creating content to share in a whole bunch of FB groups, get some likes and comments, and then just one or two people book on your calendar (and they’re not really even your ideal clients).

There are no right or wrong answers here, but I know which one I’d pick!! 

And yet how easily you can unconsciously act as if your role is “Distributer of Interesting Information” (#2 above) instead of “Leader of Transformation” (#1 above).

I mean unless you want to be busy all the time and hardly getting paid……

And you might be getting caught up in the “have to work hard to earn that $10K” (ya know – your parents worked hard and probably never earned $10K in a month). So you end up doing a ton of things that aren’t taking you any closer to that. You can get in a bit of a fog about reality. 

A current client of mine used to be what I call a “Likeable Expert”. She shared a ton of content  but it wasn’t moving the people she was really meant to help any closer to working with her.

She suspected that her messaging and offers were a bit “off”, but she hoped that if she just doubled down (after all she’d been doing this for awhile), that those high-end clients would come in. She did have some clients, but they weren’t really her dream clients and she was **so-done** with lots of effort with hit and miss reward.

→But then just a few weeks into the Simplify to Multiply™ Quantum Leap program everything shifted.

She learned the Simplify to Multiply Method and we worked closely to create that $10K path. Then she got her aligned message and offer really clear and did a FB LIVE.

**Just ONE video** “called into action” the people she was meant to help and now she has five sales calls on her calendar!!! 

Plus, she has the confidence that several of them will be signing up because of what she “called them into” and because she has been implementing the high-integrity Simplify to Multiply™ principles. She easily has the potential to make $10K or more in the next two weeks.

Back to the pop quiz above…..

Which one will you choose (cause you always have a choice)??

1) In a few weeks have several new high-end clients (and know how to continue calling them in with ease) and $10K or more?


2) Keep your nose to the grindstone posting, posting,
posting with little return?? 

I know what I’d rather spend my precious time and energy doing….but again…always up to you.

We just had two more awesome ladies join into Quantum Leap in the last week and since I like to keep the group small and since you get lots of one/one attention mapping out your $10K plan, I’m only offering a few spots each month. I might even close enrollment for a bit.

You have to have a few foundations in place to quickly jump to $10K months, but you won’t know if you are ready unless you reach out.

If you’d like to be considered for one of the spots, send me an email and we’ll schedule a quick chat so I can give you all the details and make sure you can rock this out. ‘Cause I want ALL of my clients to be able to Multiply with ease! 💜

Send me that email at joy@joybufalini.com if you are ready to move from Likeable Expert to Well-paid Expert!

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