Did you buy that $2K program on how to break through your money blocks? And that course on how to build a course? And that marketing program that was supposed to 5x your visibility?

You hoped that those things would be the magic bullet to six figures……yet you still haven’t been quite able to put the pieces together. Many of the women I talk to who have been in business for a few years are at this place. They are questioning themselves and having a hard time trusting themselves because it feels like they have “wasted” money.

They have clients, but want to grow A LOT FASTER and aren’t quite sure what they are missing.

Just recently when a Simplify to Multiply™ Quantum Leap client said “I have learned more in 2 weeks than in 2 years of taking a ton of other courses and programs” I was blown away. 

I mean I KNEW it to be true, but it was so awesome to hear someone who is smart and talented, but frustrated that she’s not farther ahead, actually SAY IT. 

Simplify to Multiply™ is all about putting all the pieces together in a simple process and getting new high end clients quickly.  Basically you’ll have your YES! clients reaching out and signing up with you often within 2-3 weeks (literally I just had two clients do this!).

And no – you don’t need to grow your email list or start a Facebook group or any of that stuff right now (whew!).

If you haven’t quite cracked the code to putting all the pieces together in a simple framework for $10K months and beyond, just reach out by sending me an email today.

If you want to speed up and simplify your path to six figures email me at joy@joybufalini.com so we can get you booking those YES! clients quickly.

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