It’s your time to take the next big leap forward and celebrate
YOU every little step of the way. This is what I LOVE to do! To
help women business owners just like you to get out of their
own way and create the business and life they truly want.
So let’s dig in…..

Little Steps

1. Get clear on the big leap you want to take and make sure that it is in
alignment with your values and priorities.

2. Get honest with yourself and write out what current patterns or
behaviors may in the way of you taking this big leap.

3. Get planning and write out the foundations that would need to be in
place in order to achieve your goal.

Big Leaps

4. Get granular and write out the steps to create or strengthen each
of these foundations.

5. Get scheduling those first few steps into your planner as if they
were an appointment.

6. Get sharing and tell a trusted friend or two about your plan and ask
for their support and encouragement.


7. Get excited and get yourself in a great frame of mind when
you sit down at your desk at the scheduled time.

8. Get celebrating every little step you get completed (I mean
Every. Little. Step.)!!

9. Get real with yourself when you feel stuck and dig deep to
find out the real reason (it’s not because you are undisciplined
or not smart enough, I promise!)

10. Get reflective every few weeks and acknowledge how you
are getting closer to your goal and don’t allow the “not
enough” thoughts to stick around anymore (those are old
friends that you have officially banished!)

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