You’re an empowered business owner who wants to quantum leap her business with ease (and not overwhelm). You want to cross the six figure mark for the first time or you want to move from six figures to multiple six figures.

As you take that big leap, you want to have a simple method to bring in consistent new potential clients into your world.

And of course you’ll want to have an authentic, aligned process to make it an easy “Yes” for them.

……without compromising your prices or your value just to get a sale

…..without hour long “discovery sessions” or “get to know you” meetings that lead nowhere

…..without feeling like you have to take on just “any” client because you have revenue goals to meet

….without over-giving your precious time

Of course there’s a strategy to this……but there’s also another secret sauce…

**The Simplify to Multiply Mindset**

One of the Laws of Income Acceleration that I teach in my Simplify to Multiply programs is that “There is always an easier way.” This is the quantum leap level of thinking.

So when you have a CLEAR intention of what you want and it’s really in alignment with your next step and what you are meant to do……it doesn’t have to be HARD or Complicated.

Take one of my recent new clients for instance. We just had a conversation on Monday about creating her new high-end program for those in her audience that want the highest level of results.

(Side note here: This high end program gives her a simple strategic path to $10K, $20K months and beyond)

But… client was not sure….

“Is this ideal client who would sign up for my high end program even in my world right now?”

Yes, yes that person is there because another Law of Income Acceleration is that “Everything I need already exists in my world”.

Of course she couldn’t SEE it yet……but she was willing to hold the belief (that’s the first step always….believing it even though you don’t see it).

But then by random chance (well…. of course not really!)…my client posted a comment to a friend’s post which alluded to what my client did in her business….

….and a friend of that friend immediately sent her a “friend request”. My client listened to her gut and reached out and sent a message to this person….

Which led to a discussion…..BINGO….a sales call booked for Saturday with this perfect potential client (and by the way my client has a very specific niche – so this is not random chance).

Less than 10 minutes on Facebook and this NEW “perfect person” was in her world.

THAT is how you magnetize new clients with ease. The income and impact you desire without overworking or overwhelm.

Is this what you want as well? I thought so.

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