We are currently in the process of moving to beautiful Clearwater, Florida.

It’s kind of surreal, but yet it’s not….there was a specific process that happened to make this Bold Vision REAL.

1. I got super honest with myself about what I REALLY wanted….

Not just staying in the “what I think is actually possible” mindset. This started in August while we were in the pool at Myrtle Beach watching Amber walk….yes she can WALK independently a few steps in a pool! And watching my boys have a great time swimming and goofing off together.
Brian and I had said that we would move near the beach “someday” when the boys were out of college and we moved into the next phase of our life. But in that moment in August watching my kids at the pool and reminding myself how much we all loved the outdoors (and how much we don’t feel great in the winter), I had a big AHA moment of “Why aren’t we doing this NOW?” I got on a coaching call with my coach that same day declaring that even though I didn’t know the “how”, were were going to move near the beach in 2019.

2. I started taking inspired action forward, forward, forward…..

Even though I didn’t yet know how it would all unfold, I just started taking the first step, then the next step, then the next step. This included…….Making inquiries, making small decisions quickly, figuring out our numbers, hiring another coach for my next phase of income growth, declare my goals to my peer group, doing the mindset work consistently, manage my mindset quickly when I got into a “funk”, got super clear on my income goals, hiring more help at home and giving more hours to my assistant so I could fine-tune my focus on my key business activities even more.
– NOTICE that while our naturally tendency is to save, save, save if we are going to make a big financial decision…..I did “save” but I also invested more money every month in the things that would help me “be” this person. Again….faith and vision…faith and vision. And wowzers… not only has my business income multiplied significantly, money has been suddenly coming from other sources as well that were completely unexpected. But of course….because that’s how Universal Law works.

-> Over to you….what is the Bold Vision that you want to make real THIS YEAR (even though you don’t yet know the “how”)?

  1. Make six figures
  2. Leave your full-time job
  3. Take that dream vacation
  4. Move to a new house
  5. Make multi-six figures ($200K+)
  6. Have $20K in savings
  7. Pay off all debt
  8. Pivot your business in a new direction
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