Laws of Attraction

Have you been able to truly “manifest” what you want in your business using LOA? Or has LOA been something that “sounds” cool, but if you’re honest with yourself you haven’t been able to “call in” anything major like the book/movie “The Secret” and many other spiritual teachers have promised.

One of the guiding philosophies that I teach my clients is that “There is always a way and the way exists right now”.

But you first have to be open to believing that…..not in a “magical thinking” kind of way….but believing that tactically speaking there is a simple uncomplicated path that you can’t yet see to bring what you want into reality.

That’s where faith comes in….the spiritual path….believing what you can’t yet see. It’s a choice.

But once you choose (as in “I am doing this!!” “This is happening!”) in faith…you start taking actions in alignment with that – you make that phone call….you hire that mentor… start writing out your high level offering….you raise your prices…..

You then step into a different mindset where doors and windows start opening – both in your clarity and in your practical opportunities – seemingly “out of the blue”.

That’s how I attracted the opportunities to be in both Oprah and Entrepreneur magazine last year. That’s how I attracted our move to the Gulf coast of FL.

It started with declaring what I want and DECIDING it was happening…..even when I had no idea the “how”…even when it seemed “out of my reach” from my current thinking at the time.

But I didn’t sit there and “think” about it…I got into aligned action “as if” those things were happening. And it felt scary at times….but you keep dancing with the fear and lean into it until that next step isn’t scary any more. THEN you are in “frequency alignment” so things can manifest easily.

Using LOA is not about sprinkling magic fairy dust and waiting for things to suddenly appear in your life. It’s about intention, faith, decision, and staying in the room to claim what you truly want.

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