I’ll be 100% transparent here and say that sharing about what I’m up to sometimes **feels** very vulnerable………From my perspective it doesn’t even seem that long ago that I was really struggling to grow my business (and yikes I struggled for 4+years….please don’t do that!)

But yet this is EXACTLY why I feel I must keep sharing….because there are just a few simple (but very specific) things you need to do to crack the code to your first six or multi-six figure year THIS YEAR.

The first year I made $100K, I had actually set a “stretch” goal of $50K. Initially, I was afraid I’d fail and be disappointed in myself (again)…but I started adopting a new Method and Mindset. If you’ve ever heard the term “Unconscious Competent”….that was me.

By the end of the year when I had doubled my original goal (without doubling my work hours), I realized I was onto something really important. Once I had implemented the principles to get on the other side of multi-six figures, I knew it was time for me to start sharing what I now call the Simplify to Multiply Signature System.

Do you have a “stretch” goal to make six figures this year (and multi-six shortly after that)????

We are more than halfway through April now…but it’s not too late to get things in place quickly so you can get to the end of this year and say “I DID IT!!” (and of course you will know how to rinse and repeat and multiply as well!).

P.S. This is the gorgeous moon over Clearwater Beach that I was viewing while writing this from the balcony at 6am this morning

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