“Commitment is doing the thing you said you were gonna do long after the mood you said it in has left you.”
~Darren Hardy

I talk with a lot of women who are positive and EXCITED.

They are excited about a big goal.

They are excited about possibility.

They are excited about the content I share and how it inspires them. They are excited about being on the phone with me and **just have to** work with me.

**But that actually puts some red flags up in my mind.**

Because I’ve been that super-positive EXCITED person saying all the “right” things, but really only giving lip-service to it. Ouch!


**I’m being of highest service to you here by being straightforward with you.**

If it’s just EXCITEMENT that is driving you (and you are using it as a smokescreen for true committment), then when it comes down to making a commitment – yes, a financial stretch that may require resourcefulness) – then suddenly you want to run the other way. You’ll go looking for an easy button or a magical formula that will suddenly make all your business challenges go away.

Most everyone reading this has dished the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, because we saw how it became all about EXCITEMENT, instead of true COMMITMENT.

**Have you unintentionally got into this mindset about solving your business challenges though?**


For true change to happen, you will need to make a BOLD MOVE – do something really different, invest your time or money, and get lots of support and accountability in place. That’s just how our brain works – it RESISTS change – so we have to put things in place to ensure commitment and focus over time.

If changing your business to actually be an income generating machine that fulfills you and makes a difference in the world was simply a little tweak or a little investment, then EVERYONE would have it, don’t you think⁉️

What if you could choose, from a place of desiring to be GROUNDED and STRONG, true life-breathing commitment to your Bold Vision? Your Beautiful Vision of making a positive difference in the lives of others. Of becoming an influencer and leader. Of having financial freedom for your family?

You can choose that. That choice doesn’t come from excitement or positivity though. It comes from TRUTH and Commitment.

Over to you. What do you need to commit to this month (because it’s April already!) to make your Bold Vision REAL this year?

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