Don't Hire a VA, Raise your Prices, Get More Visible or Invest in Facebook Ads

Don’t hire a VA, raise your prices, get more visible or invest in FB ads!!! 

Don’t do these things (yet) if you want to hit consistent $10K months……..

Consistent $10K months would be A-m-a-z-i-n-g…..

But right now your bank account certainly doesn’t reflect your big Vision. There’s a lot of advice out there, and most of it will take you down rabbit trails that don’t bring you the clients and cash you desire.

Here are a few…..

⚠️ Get more visibility
While yes, of course, you do have to be visible in front of your audience, but “more” usually isn’t better. If what you are currently sharing (posts, emails, videos, etc) isn’t bringing in your dream clients in droves, then doing more of the same is just going to create more work for you with no extra ROI for your time.

⚠️Hiring a VA
I’m all about getting help and support as you grow. A VA can do some tech stuff that you can’t do or don’t want to do. But even then – you need a lot less tech than you think in the run-up to $10K months. And most of those tech activities don’t bring you more clients. The true value of a VA is seen when your calendar is full of clients and you can hand off things that you no longer have time for.

⚠️ Raising your prices
I believe strongly that you should be paid well for the valuable transformation you bring to your clients. But just randomly raising your prices isn’t going to get you to $10K months if you are already hearing a lot of “I can’t afford it” or “Not now”. The problem is not with your pricing – it’s with your offer and the messaging leading up to that offer.

⚠️ Investing in advertising
Have you considered putting an ad in a magazine or boosting a post or running FB ads? Please don’t flush any money down the toilet. If your current messaging isn’t filling up your calendar with clients from your current audience, the just getting in front of more people isn’t going to get you to $10K months. Only monetize what you’re 100% sure is already working.

⚠️ Believe the “I can’t afford it” stuff
A client of mine had been struggling recently with a lot of potential clients saying that they didn’t have the money to enroll in her program even though they were very interested. (see image below)

She had a package but she knew something was “off” with her program. She had evolved personally and in the transformational value she offered to her clients, but her program no longer reflected that. We worked together to align her signature offer to the next level and BOOM! she had an $11K week (UPDATE: she had a $16K week!!).

Creating consistent $10K months isn’t hard, but you need a few strong foundations that work consistently. The cool thing is that you can then scale what’s working to create $15K months or $20K months.

In the next two weeks, we’re welcoming in new women to the Simplify to Multiply™ Quantum Leap program where you learn the simple strong foundations to easily create consistent $10K months doing your soul work. 

One amazing lady just had her first VIP session this week and another will jumpstart hers on Monday. I have just a few spots remaining so you’ll want to email me if you’d like the details.

The next few months can be the most amazing months EVER….but only if you’re open to doing things differently. Most importantly, you’re going to be running your business in the most simple, aligned, abundant way ever. 

Email me at if you want to know more.

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