You’re an ambitious business owner who wants to quantum leap her business this year…..i.e. cross the six figure mark for the first time or move from six figures to multiple six figures.But you realize that as you move into this next level – you need to do things a bit differently.You want to bring those ideal opportunities and ideal clients into your life with ease so you have those $10K, $20K, $30K months…….but……

You can’t see the “how”.

Just like one of my current clients who is a business communications professor at a prestigious university. She hired me to help her develop a side business of consulting.

In the world of higher education, it’s expected that professors have a book and/or speaking and/or consulting where they set themselves apart professionally.

But a lot of potential “roadblocks” were coming up for my client…she was selling a house out of state, had family stuff come up that needed tended to, and had some health issues come up that eventually required surgery. And she was getting a bit frustrated…..

….because like most of us are programmed to believe from society and our family of origin, we think we need to “put in the time” and “make it happen” and fear missing out on opportunities if we don’t. But then when “life” happens it can feel like our Bold Vision will never really become real.

This is where the Simplify to Multiply MINDSET comes in….because as I teach, “The WAY is always right there in your world when you clearly declare your desire and hold that belief”.

So after working through the inevitable head trash that comes up when shifting to a new way of thinking…BINGO! My client suddenly had an ideal opportunity for consulting just fall into her lap….without a lick of marketing or hustling needed….yes. really.

**Not surprised**

In the Simplify to Multiply to METHOD, one of the goals I help my clients to achieve is to double (or more) their monthly income not long after they start working with me.

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