Overwhelmed or Overloaded

With all the updates and decluttering and packing going on in our house to put it on the market in a few weeks and our family of 5 still trying to live here at the same time, things feel a bit crazy. And my checklist for today was long…lots of stuff for moving and for the kids today in addition to my business.

I’ve definitely dipped my toe into overwhelm this morning, but then recognized it and shifted to…”ok, I’m a bit overloaded.”

What’s the difference?

Overwhelmed means you have A LOT going on but the story your mind is telling you is compounding everything. You get into the energy of uncertainty and fear that things won’t work out as planned. You don’t feel in control so you start telling yourself that “It’s all too much”. You feel stressed and anxious. And so that becomes your truth and reality for the day.

Overloaded means that practically there’s just too much on the list for the day. So that’s when you drill down to highest priorities.

I looked at my gazillion reminders in my phone and my list for the day and paired it down to just the things that HAVE to be done today. Everything else I chose to let go of because “There’s plenty of time” and “Things work out for me easily”. Note that those are intentional beliefs that I keep reaffirming….so they become my truth…they literally will rewire your brain to more calm and ease!

Which are you this week? Overwhelmed? Or just Overloaded?

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