Business Coaching Program
Grow your business faster without all the stress and overwhelm.
Discover the ONE THING that will start generating more income for you in just 8 weeks or less (I’ll show you how).
This will be GAME-CHANGING!

Start getting momentum towards your big vision NOW.


Know what priorities are right for you and stay focused on them.


Feel a sense of accomplishment and more ease and flow.

It’s time to move your business forward faster with a clear strategy that is perfect for you.

You are invited to the Upgrade Accelerator Program

Through personal coaching, group mentorship, and step-by-step trainings you will achieve more than you ever thought possible in your business!

Your Enrollment Includes:

VIP coaching session with Joy

This 75 minute Laser-focused one/one coaching session will jumpstart your success!

Weekly Coaching Calls

Weekly coaching for 10 weeks to get your questions answered and get focused on your top priorities for the week.

8 Upgrade Modules:

These trainings will teach you my signature Upgrade Your Business Blueprint that will show you how to skyrocket your business forward. Each module includes mindset support to help you stay focused and calm as you accelerate your business growth.


Private Facebook Group:

Ask questions, any time. Joy will be interacting in the group each weekday. Get specific advice, *accountability*, plus an awesome community of like-minded women.


Mindset Reset Video Series

This two part video series is jam-packed full of mindset tools that will help you grow your business faster without overwhelm or resistance. You’ll learn many of the secrets that I normally only teach my private clients. These amazing tools will help you release limiting beliefs so you can move forward faster with ease and confidence.


“The Accelerator Program has been so helpful to me. It has kept me accountable and inspired me as I moved from the corporate world to building the foundations of my business. I have learned so much from the Business Growth modules and from Joy’s coaching on the weekly calls!”

Niki Bourlis

Accountant & Financial Consultant


Joy Bufalini is just amazing! For so long, I’ve had all these puzzle pieces in my hands, each so very important, but didn’t really know how to put them together… With Joy’s help in the Accelerator program, I have direction and a plan. I can’t recommend working with her enough!

Lucia Cintra

Pittsburgh Photographer

Enrollment for the Upgrade Accelerator is currently open. Apply now by scheduling a call with Joy and filling out a short questionnaire.



Get Clarity on your Vision so that Business Growth Feels Natural

Action without clarity leads to meager results, frustration, and self-doubt.
Clarity is paramount and keeps you in alignment with your long-term vision.

In Module 1, you will:

*Discover how to align your business with your personality, passion, and lifestyle.

*Dig deep within and call forth your true desires and vision.

*Release the “shoulds” and influences that keep you from becoming the best version of you.

Create your Actionable Strategy so you get Consistent Results

Once you are clear on your desires and aligned path, it’s time to design an actionable strategy. Following a Strategy consistently is so much easier now that you started with your foundation of Clarity.

In Module 2, you will:

*Set bite-size weekly goals and receive personalized strategies for achieving them.

*Learn how to prioritize and juggle the multiple components of your current business initiatives.

*Discover how to structure your day so that you can stay focused and not get overwhelmed.

Consistently Attract New Clients in Your Marketing

For your business to grow quickly, your messaging and your marketing needs to resonate strongly with your potential clients and customers. When you have this in place, you create a consistent path to more clients and more income.

In Module 3, you will:

*Find and leverage your unique message and differentiators.

*Learn how to consistently launch your programs, products, and services without being salesy.

*Create a marketing plan that you will actually enjoy following each week.

Live in Abundance with Time and Money

Setting big goals for your business is exciting, but in the process of growth it can seem like there is not enough time to get everything done, and you will have fears about investing money. Getting into the mindset of abundance on a daily basis is a key component of business acceleration.

In Module 4, you will:

*Discover how to move throughout your day without time or money stress.

*Learn how to “create time” to get the things done that are truly important.

*Reset your mindset out of Money Scarcity and fear.

Your Keys to Confidence and Momentum

Because self-doubt can kill your confidence and your momentum, it is of utmost important to recognize how your personal thinking patterns can undermine your success. Learning how to be self-aware and how shift your mindset on the spot is the key to consistent growth.

In Module 5, you will:

* Recognize your “head trash”. Identify its origins and discover personalized tools to release it on the spot.

* Discover how to choose confidence over and over again so that it gets easier and comes more naturally.

* Learn how to track your progress and set yourself up for consistent forward momentum.

Tap into your Superpowers So You Go Through Your Day with Grace and Ease

As women business owners we have a myriad of situations, tasks, and people to juggle as we go throughout our day, and we could easily end up in overwhelm. However, knowing how to tap into your inner wisdom and strengths can make everything flow more easily.

In Module 6, you will:

*Learn how to listen to your intuition in business decision big and small.

*Discover how to go through your day in the energy of “flow”.

*Leverage your strengths and get support around your challenges so you are operating in your “Zone of Genius”.

Take Inspired, Aligned Action Every Day

Showing up for your business every single day is key to long term success. But learning how to stay balanced in life and business and taking care of yourself is a practice.

In Module 7, you will:

*Learn how to stay in the energy of consistent action without hustling or burnout.

*Discover how to stay focused even when unexpected things disrupt your best-laid plans.

*Identify your favorite go-to solutions to stay in a mindset of forward momentem every day.

Your Big Goals and Beyond (How to Be Unstoppable)

You have a desire for MORE. More impact, more reach, more income, more opportunities, more being authentically you. But since the path to MORE is sometimes littered with fear and doubt, you need a strong mindset framework to stay true to your vision.

In Module 8, you will:

*Stay focused on your big goals, while creating and acting on bite-size goals.

*Established daily practice to help you manifest your goals more quickly and easily.

*Learn how to create business that is scalable so that you don’t have to work more hours as you keep growing.

It’s Your Time! 

Move from “so-so” to awesome.

Move from struggling to thriving.

Move from overwhelm to ease and flow. 

This program is the path to boost your momentum and results no matter what your industry or your income goals.

The principles are timeless.

The accountability and focus is priceless.


I love getting clarity during our weekly calls and also connecting with so many inspiring women in our private Facebook group. I’m learning so much from the weekly Business growth modules as I launch my business even bigger!

Lennis Perez

Wellness Coach


Loving this program! I’m learning how to take action on bite sized goals that will make a huge impact. Also, the belief I am gaining in myself through the mindset work is amazing!

Amanda Dickens

Real Estate Agent

Enrollment for the Upgrade Accelerator is currently open. Apply now by scheduling a call with Joy and filling out a short questionnaire.


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