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What gives  You share tons of valuable content, but people aren’t booking calls with you on a regular basis.

You share the “book a call” link at the end of your emails and posts fairly often. Or you share blog posts that have a “book a call” link at the end.
You put your heart and soul into being of service to your audience and you share lots of tools, tips, and inspiration. But when you ask them to book a call to chat about “working with you” or give them the opportunity to have a “free consult” or “discovery session”, you get very few takers.
Once they book a call, there’s a good chance they may sign up for your high-end offer. But in order to have 2-4 new high-end clients a month (if you look at the numbers closely), you probably need to have at least 4-6 people booking calls each month and that’s just not happening right now.
So you wonder….

“Maybe if I share twice as much content…..THAT will lead to twice as many people booking calls?”

(Yikes – sounds exhausting!)

“Maybe I’ll create an email or FB challenge where I give tons of value….maybe that might lead to more people booking calls?

(It’s been hit or miss in the past though if you’re honest with yourself).

“Maybe I need to update my website and make the wording more clear in the ‘book a call’ section and make that scheduling button more obvious?”

(And then you end up going down the rabbit hole of fiddling with your website).
There’s several reasons why people aren’t booking calls with you on a regular basis and none of them have to do with your website or how or where you share your booking link.
As a matter of fact, I use a very different approach that recently resulted in 8 people booking a call with me from just one video I shared (just happened in the last week).
How would your business growth trajectory change if you had even 3 people book with you from one post or video that you shared?!?

Here’s what will move more people to booking calls with you in a very short period of time…..

1. Stop sharing your scheduling link
I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but when you are sharing it all the time it just becomes background noise. People don’t see it or they notice it and just keep doing what they’ve always done – scroll past it. One of my clients always had a link in her emails but hardly anyone ever scheduled. In her next email, she removed the link and instead said “reply back” and started some great conversations with potential new clients! People want engagement, not a link.
2. Stop being vague about your call to action
The truth is that people don’t know what a “discovery session” actually is. (IMHO – it’s always sounded kinda creepy!). Or they think they’re going to be sold something that they don’t know if they even want or need. Free consults or “clarity calls” get awkward because you there’s no clear purpose for the call except for them to pick your brain or “get clarity” and then you to flip the script to try to coach them and then sell them your program or package based on their pain points. 60 minutes later and they have to “think about it” and they never (or rarely) sign up.
3. Start sharing overtly about your high-offer in a very authentic and natural way
Most high-end offers are “hiding” only to be revealed on that discovery call or consult, or as an up-sell from a low-ticket offer, or when someone happens to reach out to you because they met you at an event or they were referred to you and they are interesting in “working with you” (notice how vague “working with you” is – no wonder it doesn’t lead to high conversion rates!)
When you instead share insightful content (this post is an example of that) that helps your audience to see things in a whole new way AND you give them a specific invitation to a specific offer that is designed just for someone like them, they say “I need that!” before they ever reach out to you. And then you invite them to reach out to you. THEY take the first step toward you and THEN you share the scheduling link privately.
These simple shifts are transformational, although not always easy to see for yourself because you are so close to it. If this resonated with you, let me know in the comments what AHA moment you had.
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