What is your Eating Archetype?

The study of Archetypes throughout literature, history, and psychology has long been held as a way to understand patterns of behaviors and ultimately our individual true nature. There are many different personality tests available that you can take, but I created a unique Archetype paradigm that focuses on your relationship with food.

Because nothing is more of a doorway into what is going on in your life than the food on your plate. Food is not just something that tastes good. It’s primal to our survival. No wonder that most of us go into overeating patterns when we are stressed. It’s one of our mind’s ways of protecting us at a deep level, and it taps us into the way food nurtured us and bonded us with our caregivers as small children. I created the Eating Archetype to give you this unique insight into your natural strengths and challenges so that you can begin to release the things in your life that are NOT You.


Joy Bufalini 

Mindset Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Speaker

You are a smart, professional woman and you know that you can create the future that you want for yourself and those around you. But you are feeling stuck in several areas of your life and can’t see the way forward. You struggle with overeating, overspending, overworking, overgiving, or overwhelm. You know that your negative thought patterns are dragging you down, but you are too close to them to disconnect and get clarity. You struggle with:

  • Self-sabotage
  • Avoidance
  • Numbing
  • Setting boundaries
  • Being stuck  in old patterns

Which has caused:

  • Extra weight
  • Frustration with yourself
  • Fear that  your life will never change
  • Stagnation in your relationships
  • Stress that keeps the cycle going

True change can begin to take place when you get clarity on the WHY. Because there is a really, really good reason that you are stuck in the spin cycle right now. You just can’t see it because you are too close to it.

Discovering your Eating Archetype is your first step.

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